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Pursuing MBBS in top universities of Central America is a dream for any student. MBBS education in Central America at the top MBBS colleges is one of the best and the most cost friendly option. Almost all Universities in Central America are accredited by authorities such as World Health Organization. Speak to our overseas education counselors to help with your education abroad. Central America offers MBBS with lowest fees in the world at some of the best MBBS colleges. Recently, more and more students want to study MBBS in Central America due to many reasons. The cost of studying MBBS in Central America is low compared to other states of America. The infrastructure offered in the universities, laboratories, and research centres are highly advanced and equipped with latest medical equipment and tools. If you want to get admission into top universities with ease, choose the expert services of U.S. Medico.

Why Study in America?

1. Low tuition fee: Compared to many other universities, Central American medical colleges have very low tuition fee and offer quality education, which is the reason many students want to get admission into these universities.

2. Advance Academic Curriculum: The structure of the MBBS course is based on the latest and updated trends, findings and the most advanced curriculum present currently in the world, which will be a huge advantage for students.

3. Easy Admission in Medical Universities: The criterion is not heavy when it comes to these universities and so many students can get eligibility easily.

4. Indian Food Available: With so many Indian students studying MBBS, Indian food- veg and non-veg are easily available for the students. There are many restaurants providing Indian food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.


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Top Medical Universities in Central America

The top medical universities in Central America are listed below:

1. American University of the Caribbean

2. Belize Medical College

3. Central America Health Sciences University

4. Washington University of Health & Science

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